PD-Tips II from BRANDTECH are the efficient complement to repetitive pipettes, such as the HandyStep® touch.

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PD-Tips (Precision Dispenser Tips) from BRAND work on the direct displacement principle and are therefore particularly suitable for dispensing of fluids with high viscosity, high vapor pressure, etc. PD-Tips with patented size encoding are the ideal system component for the HandyStep® touch (with automatic tip size recognition) and HandyStep® S from BRAND.

The ideal combination: PD-Tips from BRANDTECHand HandyStep® touch

The HandyStep® touch repetitive pipette saves time and prevents errors through automatic tip size recognition of the PD-Tips. The size of these tips is encoded in their piston (patented). After inserting the tip, the size is automatically recognized and displayed, making it easy to select the volume to be dispensed. When a new PD-Tip of the same size is inserted, all instrument settings are maintained.

BRANDTECH PD-Tips can also be inserted in various compatible dosing systems.

Automatic size recognition is carried out by: HandyStep® touch, Gilson® Repetman®, Rainin AutoRep™ E. PD-Tips can also be used with the HandyStep® S repetitive pipette, Rainin AutoRep™ M, Eppendorf® Multipette® 4780 and EDOS® 5221. BRAND PD-Tips are made of high-quality raw materials (cylinder: PP/ Piston: PE-HD, 0.1 ml: LCP). PD-Tips marked with DE-M comply with the requirements of ISO 8655 and are delivered with a batch certificate. CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 EC. Available in non-sterile or sterile/endotoxin-free versions (individually packaged) and in BIO-CERT® quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (PD-Tips)

Which stepper works with BRANDTECH® PD-Tips?

The volume of the BRAND® PD-Tips are recognized by the HandyStep® touch, AutoRep E and Repetman® (patented PD-Tip size recognition). But they also can be used with HandyStep® S, the Multipette® 4780 and AutoRep M without recognizing the volume. When working with an dispensing system that is not mentioned above you should request samples of PD-Tips in different sizes from us and test the compatibility.

Does the liquid come in contact with the PD-Tip adapter while dispensing?

During normal operation, the liquid does not come in contact with the PD-tip adapter, only with the head of the tip, the cylinder's inner wall and the piston. However, it is possible that escaping gases and vapors get in contact with the adapter.

Do BIO-CERT® products have an expiry-date?

All sterile BRAND products have a certain indicated shelf-life.

What is the meaning of the red dot on the package of sterile products?

The dot is an indicator for sterilization. The indicator changes its color from yellow/orange to red during the sterilization process. A red dot indicates that this package has been sterilized.

Is the adapter autoclavable?

Yes, the adapter is autoclavable at a temperature of 121°C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285.

Does the adapter for the 25ml and 50ml-PDTips come with the tips or do I have to order it separately?

In each packing unit of 25ml or 50ml PD-Tips one adapter is included. Additionally, the adapter can be ordered separately in different levels of quality.

Are the PD-Tips autoclavable?

No, the PD-Tips are not autoclavable. But they are available unsterile, steril/free of endotoxine and in BIO-CERT®-Quality.

What are the dimensions of the 50ml PD-Tip?

The dimensions of the 50ml PD-Tip are: Whole length of the PD-Tip (without adapter and without piston): ca. 118 mm Diameter of the cylinder: ca. 38 mm Length of the conical part : ca. 43 mm Maximum external diameter of the conical part: ca. 7 mm

What does SAL mean?

The Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) describes the probability of a product being non-sterile after it went through the sterilization process. BRAND designs the sterilization processes of its products for an extremely low SAL of 10-6 . "One in a million" devices could be non-sterile after the sterilization process.